Love Yourself Or Nobody Will

I’m sure you all know where this title came from, “Love yourself or nobody will.” But the underlining message holds true in any situation. Self-love is universal, no matter what religion, race or size. If you’re not happy within, you will need external confirmation with your plans, decisions and etc. Success start with you believing in your own plans. It starts with having your own visions and … Continue reading Love Yourself Or Nobody Will


Standing On His Promises

So many Christians pray, go to church, go through the motions and are still unfulfilled. They feel miserable on the inside and become reclusive. Mostly, because some of them aren’t meditating on the word of God. Trust me, I know first hand how boring reading the Bible can be — every time you attempt to read it, somehow, everything else seems more important. You get sleepy. Your ex calls! … Continue reading Standing On His Promises


Be Brave Be Bold And Shine

They say that writing everyday will improve your writing skills. Correction, writing everyday will fry your brain. The word for it is writer’s block. Supposedly, every writer gets it. It’s when your prose has turned to mush and every sentence that you type looks like you’ve never owned a pen before in your life. That’s how I feel on day five of my 7 day fast. But I want to … Continue reading Be Brave Be Bold And Shine


The Spirit Is Willing, But The Flesh Is Weak

“Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.” Matthew 26:41. I’ve never given this verse any thought until the fourth day of my 7 Day fast, today. I chose this scripture because I’m realizing that the more you’re blessed with — a higher position, a big house and etc. — the more discipline it takes to … Continue reading The Spirit Is Willing, But The Flesh Is Weak


Beauty For Ashes

My son’s first football scrimmage was today. It was his first game on Mighty Mites. To my surprise, they played their little hearts out, winning 2 scrimmages and tying one. Before we stepped foot on the field this morning, we prayed. We prayed for the safety of all the teams, for the children to be peaceful and play to their fullest potential. Oh yeah, we prayed that we’d win! I’m glad that … Continue reading Beauty For Ashes

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Emptying Out The Negative

Day two of my 7 day fast to becoming more focused on my goals through prayer has been challenging. Limiting social media is one of my goals. However, living in a time when social media has become a main source of communication, overindulging is tempting — especially when you have things to do. One social media second can easily be one work hour in your mind, and then boom, you’re distracted. But … Continue reading Emptying Out The Negative

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When Giving Up Is Not An Option

It’s been over two months into unemployment, and ironically, I had spent over 7 years of my life as an Employment Specialist before getting laid off. Standing on the other side of the fence is quite humbling. However, everything happens for a reason. Besides, unemployment seems to be a small disadvantage compared to the devastation that the Louisiana flood victims have experienced since Friday, which left a total of 13 people dead and 30,000 … Continue reading When Giving Up Is Not An Option


Why We Will Miss President Obama And First Lady Michelle

After watching President Obama throughout his eight-year term, we can say that he has changed the meaning of American presidency, going down as the coolest, funniest, most intelligent and charismatic presidents ever to step foot in the White House – he will be missed at the end of his term. His birthday recently passed, on August 4, and it was his last one as president. Here … Continue reading Why We Will Miss President Obama And First Lady Michelle


Success Occurs When Your Dreams Become Bigger Than Your Excuses

Since the day that I was laid off from my job as an Employment Specialist of 7 years (about a month ago) I’ve had some time to become more visual about my future i.e my finances, my weight-loss and writing goals. Some of the helpful advice from an older family member included attending a financial boot-camp and a separate blogging course. Similar to many people, … Continue reading Success Occurs When Your Dreams Become Bigger Than Your Excuses


Putting Yourself First Can Be Hurtful But Necessary

The phrase “self-love” and “putting yourself first” can easily be taken out of content, especially if you take in consideration moral and Biblical factors, which tell us to put others first and to love your neighbor as yourself. But the term “putting yourself first” in this post means not allowing yourself harm when the enemy uses others to deter you from your purpose in life. The … Continue reading Putting Yourself First Can Be Hurtful But Necessary