Slashing the baby weight: how do celebrities snap back?

It has always been a celebrity secret–drop the bundle of joy, then immediately lose the baby weight (a mother’s dream). A slew of new celebrity moms show off their post-baby bodies within months of delivering their babies. Four weeks after giving birth to Blue Ivy Carter, R&B diva Beyonce’ Knowles stepped out at Carnegie Hall in Manhattan in support of her hubby Jay-Z’s benefit concert. She sported a slim-fitted Alice Temperley cocktail dress, which accentuated her fit and curvy shape.

Pop singer Mariah Carey lost an amazing  70 lbs six-months after being pregnant with twins Moroccan and Monroe Cannon last July. She struggled with her weight-loss carrying the burden of gestational diabetes and edema throughout her pregnancy. Mariah lost the weight by joining Jenny Craig, which she is now an ambassador for. She knows the effort it takes to lose the baby weight and sympathizes with moms who have given up hope with weight-loss due to issues like hers, she once told USA Today

Most moms don’t have the luxury of  spending millions on their bodies after giving birth like celebrities do, making losing weight for moms who watch those slim figured celebrities seem impossible.  But there are habits that moms can control to snap back like a celebrity.  President, Founder and Head Trainer of Fitness Now Master Frederick Neal says that the level of difficulty in losing weight after pregnancy depends on many factors: a person’s condition during pregnancy, their medical and nutritional history, whether they follow-up on doctor visits and how they keep up with their weight during pregnancy.

“There’s no one size fits all diet plan,”  says the martial arts instructor who has specialized in Core Body Training, Full Body Dynamic Movement Techniques and Natural Nutritional Reformation Systems for over 32 years.

The reason most celebrities snap back into shape is because they take better care of their health by maintaining reasonable fitness programs, good eating habits, and  balanced meals with the proper fat and protein. These basic steps help prevent diseases like diabetes—a major cause of obesity during pregnancy. Beyonce’, even before her pregnancy, was highly disciplined with a detailed health and workout out plan daily, training her body to react quicker to weight gain.

If a mother has a score of “A” (normal weight and highly active) before pregnancy, then her chances of losing the weight afterward would be higher. However, problems transpire with most women when they develop gestational diabetes, high blood pressure or obesity in categories C or D (clinically obese and clinically morbidly obese). It is only compounding the problem according to Neal.

Similar to Mariah Carey’s case, studies estimate that gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) affects 2% to 10% of all pregnancies, depending on the population studied according to Obstetrics & Gynecology. It states that women with a history of GDM  would particularly benefit from such counseling: diabetes management, counseling to maintain a normal weight, exercise, and healthy dieting. Finding the proper counseling  from a trainer, nutritionist, weight-loss company, or doctor will increase the possibly of  getting back into shape after pregnancy. Jenny Craig was an excellent dietary support system for Mariah because of its counseling services and diet plan that helps in the fight against diabetes and heart disease according to a Health News survey.

“My wife, MD and Director of the Medical Advisory Committee at Fitness Now, sees a lot of pregnancies and some of the women are over 250 and 300 pounds because they fail to eat healthy. As a result, they have diabetes and haven’t seen a physician since they found out that they were pregnant,” says Neal.

“Overweight and obese women are at increased risk of pregnancy related hypertension and diabetes mellitus, large for gestational age babies, and the need for caesarean delivery,” says Dr. Lisa Lewis, MD, in the Fitness Now Newsletter.

Exercising effectively with the right trainer after having a baby

Here are some of Neal’s key guidelines for exercising and training to reach the greatest results after giving birth.

  • Find the proper coaching so exercises are effective.  It is important to fully understand the principles of training such as the “relationship of frequency,” “duration”, “intensity of training,” “overload and specificity of training” and “recognizing signs of over-training,” which are important in getting results. Do a thorough research on each trainer.
  • Learn how to get the most of personal training.  Before training, focus on fitness as a goal, be physically ready by getting enough sleep and getting a sufficient amount of complex carbohydrates and protein 1 to 1 ½ hours before your training session, do 10 to 15 minutes of exercise and some light stretching, and have the proper workout wear. Maintaining loyalty and persistence along with trusting that your trainer has the skills, knowledge, and expertise that you will need to realize your fitness-related goals is essential.
  • Maintain regular physical activities and proper eating habits as a way of life, not a temporary fix for a short-term problem.
  • To achieve total conditioning, you must address the “three major aspects of the human condition: the mind, physical body, and the spirit or the will.”



5 thoughts on “Slashing the baby weight: how do celebrities snap back?

  1. This article is great for those who are looking to loose their pregnacy weight, as well as those who just want to loose weight in general. Dieting and exercising are always a must. I agree.

    1. Thanks for the comment Khalilah, finding a good trainer or counselor to guide you really helps. They are trained to get the best results.

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