Trayvon Martin: Another Senseless Death Disturbs Millions

Many are outraged as the heart-rending death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin has touched viewers nationally. Friday evening, Sanford, Florida police released 911 recordings of calls made by Martin’s shooter, George Zimmerman, and by frantic neighbors who heard a fight the night of Martin’s fatal shooting. The tapes expose some truth to the Martin case, after an ongoing dispute over whether Martin was killed in self-defense.

The recordings are shocking. Trayvon’s family and friends believe the tapes reveal the teen’s desperate cry for help in his last few moments of life; they speculate that it was Martin’s cry for help in a terrified attempt to escape Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch volunteer on duty that night. However, the entire story of what occurred that night is unknown. Zimmerman claimed, prior to the releases, that he shot the teen in self-defense, but Martin was unarmed. Zimmerman later told local officers that Martin approached him at his SUV, according to the Orlando Sentinel. He alleges that Martin asked if he had a problem, Zimmerman replied “no” and reached for his cell phone. He then claimed that Martin said “well you do now” and punched him in the nose.

In the tapes, Zimmerman, 28, can be heard complaining of a suspicious guy roaming the area along with the 911 dispatcher instructing him not to pursue the teenaged boy. Zimmerman followed Martin anyway. There were complaints also heard from neighborhood bystanders who informed police of a fight between men and gunshots fired.

A 17-year-old Martin was returning from the store to his father’s fiancée’s house in Sanford, Florida only to be gunned down, allegedly, by Zimmerman because of his thoughts that Martin was looking for trouble. The neighbors and the public accuse Zimmerman, who is white, of profiling a black teenager.

CNN reported on March 14, before the tapes were released, that police officials had not charged Zimmerman with any crime because of  their inability to provide valid proof of what happened. Also, police aren’t sure what took place during “a one minute gap” between the shooting and Zimmerman’s 911 call, but the slow-paced investigation by the Stanford Police Department raises suspicion. Martin’s family members and many others are infuriated that Zimmerman remains free. In an effort to see justice served, nearly half a million people, including celebrities, have signed an online petition calling for Zimmerman’s arrest. ( While the issue remains unresolved, Martin supporters sport “hoodies” at “Hoodie Rallies” and speak out, nationally, in Martin’s defense.

Trayvon’s parents described him in the Orlando Sentinel as a normal teenager with a big appetite.

“He loved playing football. He loved watching football. He loved basketball,” said his mother, Sybrina Fulton. “He loved to eat everything in your house.”

His father said: “It’s sad as a father to have to bury your child. As a parent, you never want to imagine about burying your kids. And for me to have to bury my son is just sad.”

Many reporters and bloggers say the story of Martin’s death brings back memories of Caylee Anthony’s death—and all too soon. Just as the public begins to recover from Caylee’s death, another painful loss affects the nation.

(CNN, Orlando Sentinel)


Note: I will update occasionally on the Trayvon Martin story as it relates to parenting, but view the sites below  for news updates and further detail:

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31 thoughts on “Trayvon Martin: Another Senseless Death Disturbs Millions

  1. This is so sad. The Zimmerman guy was obviously looking for a fight and SHOULD be prosecuted for MURDER/hate crime.

  2. How many of our kids, have to die unjustifiably by the white man before anything is done????
    This is outrageous, unacceptable, tiresome, and down right wrong!!!! Believe it or not, this is becoming a norm in ths world that we are killed!!! and nothing is done about it, rather yet something is done, it is always swept under the rug or excused for some lame excuse or another!
    We are being taken out not only by our own people, but others as well!!! We will cease to exist (black) people, if we don’t learn to love one another and wake up to the reality that noone is our corner but our shadows.Black Life appears to have no value!!!!

    Pissed Off!

    1. What about the thousands killed by other blacks in gang violence, or the millions killed before they were ever born ? Where’s the outrage there ? Just sayin’…….

    2. It is an outrage! At the same time a 13 year old “WHITE” boy was walking home from school and 3 “BLACK” boys approached him, beat him, poured gas on him and threw a match on him! Burned!! He is still alive going through horrific pain and surgeries. Why hasn’t this case gotten the same amount of media attention that the Treyvon martin case has? Is not okay whether you are black, white, yellow, red or freaking pink to inflict harm upon another human being! EVER!

    1. What about the thousands killed by other blacks in gang violence, or the millions killed before they were ever born ? When are you going to march about that ?

  3. My heart is so heavy, I am so damn mad over this senseless murduer of this child and the killer is still free. My heart goes out to the parents, I pray for them, I feel their pain being a mother my son is incarerated for a crime,but at least he is alive,but their son is gone forever. My son does have a chance, theirs don’t. I cry for them

  4. NO one should be followed, ever! NO one should follow anyone especially when the police specially tell that person not to follow someone. If Florida allows this killing to go unpunished, or to go with only light punishment, Florida is not interested in the Constitution of the United States. So, let us banish them from our country! We believe in the right to our lives, liberty, and happiness. Which means, hoodie, no hoodie, black, white, orange with pink hair, we can walk down the street without being followed by an idiot with a gun.

    1. Agreed!!!! This is a tragedy!!! However, would it be any less of a tragedy if it happend to a “white” child, or a “mexican” child or a “asian” child? I, ( a “white” person) am so sick of being spoken about like every “white” person is racist because of what happend 80 years ago!!!! This is horrible because a child was lost, no matter what the color!!! The racism is never going to stop if “white” people are going to continue to be blamed/accused/judged by “black” people!!! Anybody that kills in anything other than true self deffense is an ignorant piece of sh-t regardless of their color.

  5. It’s interesting that young black men are getting killed in mass everyday in big cities around this country in the drug and gang epidemic… Not a peep from the African American community till the shooter has light skin. It’s starting to look like a double standard.

    1. That is not true. The African American community speaks out on ALL senseless slaughter of young people, even the ones who chose a lifestyle that put them in that type of harms way. This boy was coming from the store. He wasn’t on a corner slinging. He wasn’t walking through smoking a blunt. He did not have a gun. This is an outrage and only an idiot can not see how much so.

      1. Repeat of the article’s content “he was going to the store to get skittles during half time”. What a normal child-typical action. He was going to the store to get skittles during a break in the game. My little boy likes sports. My little boy likes skittles. I could never imagine as a parent how devistating it would be to be expecting his return…..being worried that my son nevr came home….then being given some half assed excuse on why my little boy would never be coming home.

        Now flip it: what if it was happening to you?
        Zimmerman wasn’t wearing any discerning marks clarifying him as any type of security or “watchman”, had absolutely no right carrying a concealed weapon

        (concealed weapons are for self defense….self defense is NOT following and dismounting a vehicle to pursue)

        AND he had absolutely NO right following ANYONE – ESPECIALLY after law enforcement SPECIFICALLY told him to back off .

        Personally, If some guy was following me, I’d have a problem with it too. I’d notice them, change paths and if confronted, attempt to stand my ground. Which is exactly what Treyvon did. And it sickens me that the Law enforcement is coaxing people to twist it. Why defend a grown ass adult who went against police instruction and pursued and instigated the entire situation?? Especially since he’s been arrested and charged with physically fighting and disobeying LAW ENFORCEMENT on multiple occassions.His record is AGAINST law enforcement – hello? The teenage boy was not only a young boy…but a promising young man at that. It’s a tragedy that society has lost such an amazing person so young in his life.I commend the parents on their self restraint and poise. I wouldn’t be able to be so strong.

  6. Thats just sad…people still being racist after all we been through…the man aint even geting charged for it…let it would of been a black person who killed a white person…they would of been locked up…this whole system is messedup…! Low down!

  7. Guess what white people, your not getting away this time, if you think there isn’t going to be anything done about this, you’ve lost your minds which most of you already have, this Zimmerman isn’t a law enforcement official he stalked and mudered this boy simply because he was black, he stereotyped and profiled this boy simply because he was were he felt he didn’t belong, this was not self defense the 911 tapes prove this, it’s not self defense if you pursue and follow a unarmed person, this man is 28 100 pounds heavier and he murdered a helpless minor, the cheif of police should be fired, so should all police involved in the investigation, they also should be tried and convicted of obstruction of justice, these cops are racist assholes, they should all be fired, also unpaid leave, i’m a nurse why wasn’t a ambulance there immediately starting CPR, why wasn’t the family contacted for two days, why was his body unclaimed in hospital, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, because he was black and there’s no way he could’ve lived there in that so called good neighborhood, and how is it a good, neighborhood when a innocent boy got shot because of his skin color, it’s a ghetto just like whites like to call were black people live ghettos, yall live in the ghetto too, the united states the whole country is a ghetto, and to black men your life means nothing in this country, it never has and it never will rememember that, black men RIP Treyvon you didn’t die in vain black people are sIck of this SHIT

  8. so if he were white nobody would care. lets call jesse jackson and tawana brawley in for their thoughts!!!!!!i was the victim of a very violent crime but who cares????

  9. Pursued, Provoked, and Murdered! I teach my kids to fight to get away from strangers! As soon as Zimmerman followed and got out of the car, Stand Your Ground does not apply and he should have been taken into custody. If he feared for his life he should have stayed in the car. If this behavior is allowed, all Hell will break lose in America and civilized society will completely collapse. Cop wanna-a-be’s are not real police officers for a reason! If this had been a white teenager, I bet we would not be waiting for an arrest! Clean house at the police station… smells!

  10. Sorry for the late response, but Martin’s death is no longer about race. A teenager is dead. Parents have lost their son because a neighborhood watch guy took the law into his own hands. Preventing future child murders like this from occurring should be the focus. At this point, there is no one who actually knows what happened that night, but let’s just all hope that law enforcement takes the right steps in resolving this matter.

  11. I completely agree that keeping this from happening again should be a focus but I also believe that Trayvon’s family deserves justice in a court of law. I believe that race is an issue in this case when there are reports that a past police chief stepped down because of allegations of racism in the past and now this happens. I don’t care what happened after Zimmerman took it upon himself to pursue Trayvon. He should not have pursued him. He is not a trained law officer and there is probably a good reason why he is not. If a trained officer in a uniform with a badge went up to Trayvon and identified himself, I believe there would have been a different outcome and then hopefully, race would not have been an issue. That is what you would hope for and expect in 2012. I have a 16 year old teenage son. If a stranger was following him, I know that he would run if he could or stand up for himself. Too bad you don’t hear about Stand your Ground for Trayvon.

    As a side note, I am white. My only point about a white child is that I believe people still fall prey to seeing a dark skinned kid in a hoodie and assume the worst. I don’t think they do when my teenage son wears one. I don’t think this started as a racially motivated crime. I think it started with somebody that wanted to be a hero. I think not charging Zimmerman and leaving Trayvon in a morgue for 3 days when he was carrying a cell phone is what people are upset about. My heart aches for those parents. Every day you just wish you could undo this tragic event.

  12. Kelly, I am also upset about what took place that night along with everyone else. I believe that Trayvon’s family deserves justice, and that law enforcement officials should take action. But the fact of the matter is that no one knows what actually occurred that night. We would all like to think that we know what happened that night because a child is dead. But we can only wait and see. That’s why I said the words “resolve this matter.” And yes, the debate sprung from the idea that this crime was a result of race. However, my point is that people are making it into a black against white issue instead of seeing the bigger picture: other children from any race could have been victims if they would have looked a certain way or had worn a hoodie that day. I also said that Zimmerman took it upon himself to pursue Trayvon, which he didn’t legally have the right to do. That’s my argument Kelly. I also have a son, 4, and wouldn’t want to see another parent suffer the loss of their child. But all we can do is wait and see what will happen.

  13. I agree. Now all you can hope is that justice takes place in a court of law for Zimmerman and not at another man’s hands. I would like to think we have come a long way in America (not perfect) but a long way. Somebody or a group taking it upon themselves to go after Zimmerman will just keep a cycle of violence and bad feelings going. Wouldn’t it be nice if your son and my son never had to deal with a heartbreaking issue like this when they are adults? It has been nice talking and sharing with you. Blessing to you and your family.

    1. And I mean it in both ways: black and white against each other in this case. But America does have a long way to go. Blessings to you and yours as well.

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