Hope For Our Boys


Thanksgiving has crept up on us this year, and important issues distracted us from normal pre-holiday day routines.

Instead, the Michael Brown case was on our minds. On Monday night, the grand jury’s decision not to indict Brown’s killer wasn’t a surprise.

But, one couldn’t help not to react angrily from witnessing history repeat itself. Another cop walks away after taking an unarmed African-American teenager’s life—another sad day in history for everyone.

African-American lives are taken at the hands of law-enforcement 4.5 times more than any other race.

As parents, how do we explain this to our little boys and girls?

Bill Cosby was among other topics. People were heart-broken after allegations of sexual assault surfaced—not Dr. Cliff Huxtable from the 80’s sitcom we’ve always loved! It couldn’t be the Bill Cosby who made us laugh and smile for years!

Few entertainers get to his level. He achieved legendary status and set an example for the African-American community.

Still, most of us cling to a hope that the allegations against the legendary icon are all false. We hope that maybe it’s just a bad dream. Tomorrow we’d wake up, and it would disappear.

But, allegedly, real lives have been affected. Over 15 women claim the same story to be exact. They have claimed that Cosby drugged and raped them.

With that in mind, my thoughts come from a mother’s perspective first. What does my son have to look forward to when our role models fail us, when the justice system fail us, when we can’t trust the one’s here to protect us?

I pray that we make an effort to become better role models for our youth. I also pray that we collectively do our parts to continue to keep peace and control. That means making sure we vote and making sure we work on the things that we can control. Responding with violence is not the answer.



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