What Are Your Goals for Personal Development This Year?

Personal Goals 2

I promised myself that I wouldn’t make a New Year’s resolution this year because it’s a little cliche’ and too traditional. Besides, people usually ditch their resolutions by the end of January. I figured if I could wait until the end of January, warm up to the new year and continue to transform my mindset as well as my spiritual man, my chances of sticking to any goal would be higher. So January is over, and I’m excited about all the wonderful adventures that lie ahead.

My first journey is reaching my hair goal for 2015. I cut off the rest of my permed hair, also known as the “big chop,” and have begun my natural hair journey. So you’ll be hearing a lot about that! I decided to cut my hair and go fully natural as a symbol of letting go of the old and embracing the new and positive. You can check out the pictures on my new Instagram page: @writer.taylorbennett.

I have also joined the “Live Richer Challenge” by Tiffany the Budgetnista, author and “America’s favorite financial educator.” She offers free financial advice to women and was featured in Today, MSNBC, Times, Black Enterprise and more. Her enthusiasm and unique way of financial counseling has inspired over 10,000 women world-wide to take control of their finances. I’ve seen an improvement in the way I manage my money as a result of the challenge.

Live Richer Challenge

My next step is to change my eating habits and start working out. I would like to reach my weight loss goals before 2016, and Weight Watchers may be a start.

I realize that creating the life you want isn’t easy. It requires a lot of time, effort and a support system of like-minded people. Please join me on my journey to personal development, spiritual growth, success and better health. What are your personal development goals for the year?

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