Magnesium Rich Foods for Anxiety

Magnesium Rich Foods for Anxiety

Believe it or not, the foods that we eat can trigger anxiety symptoms. Cake, brownies, fried and sugary foods are foods that we turn to for comfort. Although gratifying at the moment, such foods have a negative impact on our moods later on.

After eating lots of foods with fructose corn syrup, food dyes and artificial sweeteners, many people develop mood swings due to an abrupt rise and fall in their blood sugar. Even worse, they may feel burdened with guilt afterward. Who doesn’t regret the extra slice of pie after it was scoffed down before realizing it?

There are foods high in magnesium and calcium that actually help to relieve anxiety symptoms and boost emotional health i.e almonds, bananas, spinach, oatmeal, fish and others.

Additionally, magnesium-rich foods also promote restful nights. Magnesium is a calming nutrient that nourishes the nervous system and helps prevent anxiety, irritability, worrying and etc.

Before you overindulge in a high calorie snack, take a moment to consider some healthier options that will help reduce your anxiety, drop the pounds and live an all around healthier life.


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