Spoken Words You Need To Hear

They say when you are happy, you enjoy the lyrics to music and poetry. But to me, when you’re soul-searching, you feel them.

Lately, I’ve been listening to inspirational artists and reading inspirational writing hoping to gain some insight on my spiritual growth and writing career. One powerful woman caught my attention–MissTerious Janette…ikz.

I’ve never witnessed God’s word being delivered with such creativity, realism and strength; Janette…Ikz has brought ministry to new heights and is truly heaven-sent.

After listening to her work at the “Woman of Purpose Conference” last month, I can say that her performance encouraged me to keep fighting. God bless you Ms. Janette, well now Mrs….;).

“If you choose to fight you may have to bleed, and when it gets real tight it may be hard to breathe, in the middle of the night you may not get no sleep, but do you want your victory,” she sings in a verse. I know I want my victory. Do you?


One thought on “Spoken Words You Need To Hear

  1. I chanced on this video on YouTube.
    It was one of the P4CM videos, I just loved it. It was awesomely delivered without any stress. God bless you Mrs Janette…ikz

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