She Is A Woman

Photo credit: unknown
Photo credit: unknown

Beauty is deeply-rooted within her
Her exquisite physique is just a taste of her unbounded capabilities

Excuse me if I force you to look little deeper
Deeper than what meets the eye
Beyond her cherry lips and her curvaceous thighs

She is a woman

Please don’t ever forget that you need her
She is the support behind your visions
The comfort when you cry
Created by God with the rib of your side
Passion flow seamlessly in her eyes

She opens her mouth with wisdom and the teachings of kindness are on her tongue
Adorned with strength and dignity

She is a woman

Her presence shifts the vibe in any room
Love lives in her heart
Life grows from her womb

Long life rests in her right hand
God broke mold when he made woman

God is in the midst of her
She will not be moved

She is a woman

Never underestimate her ability
It’s more to a woman than what you see

© Taylor Bennett 2015


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