Be The Person You Want to Be In 2016!


TrunaroundAt the end of 2015, I stepped away from the keyboard to tie up a few loose ends in my finances and family life. I began my next journey by devoting myself to a 21 day challenge of avoiding any type of complaining or negative thinking whatsoever. I mean I wouldn’t admit that I was tired even if my eyes were bloodshot from a night of tossing and turning — cold hard no complaining. No bellyaching or moaning even if it felt like I was about to explode. I declared it on Facebook, so you know that it was real!

The very next day, something interesting happened. While I was reading my Daily Devotional for Tuesday December 22, it started with Luke 12:48 “For the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.” The next section read:

Added blessings always brings added responsibility. So: (1) Stop complaining. Happiness doesn’t come from getting what you want. It comes from recognizing and enjoying what you have. So keep a positive attitude and be grateful everyday. 

Most people would’ve thought that could have been a coincidence.  But to me, it was clearly a message from God, and not just for me. It was for anyone who was paying attention. By listening to the story that follows, you’ll know that it is true.

Be Brave

The first day of the 21 day challenge was smooth sailing. “I got this,” I thought. But with everyday, it got harder before it got easier. A truck load of challenges came about giving ample reason for anyone to belt out all types of profanity. For example, problems at work, losing my license, financial issues and etc. However, I still remained positive.

Next thing you know it, I started to have favor over my life. People who were once enemies called for a truce. Rahway Police Athletic League, P.A.L contacted me to be the head coach of the first and second grade basketball team. After six years of working on the job, my boss offered me a full-time position. I was ecstatic. After, always having bad breaks, I began to feel what it felt like to be a winner. Positive thinking does pay off.

That’s not the end of it. Everything Girls Love EGL, emailed me with the best news ever. The editor accepted my request to write for the Entertainment section. Today, I just passed the two week probationary period. But already, I have gained some exposure as a writer.

Moral of the story is that blessings come to those who keep their faith, and a negative mind will always be a downfall. My new goal for 2016 is to release my first wellness book and to add author to my title. What are your personal goals for 2016?

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