Will Smith Addresses Jaden Smith Wearing Women’s Clothing

Will Smith [Photograph]. Screenshot via BBC Radio 1 youtube, retrieved youtubedaily.com
The term gender fluid has been floating around a lot more lately — you remember childhood star Miley Cyrus who said she identified as being pan-sexual in October last year. And Now, there’s Actor Will Smith’s son Jaden who has been in the media lately for his gender fluid style of clothing. It kind of makes you wonder what to expect as a young parent raising children these days. But, you still love them regardless.

I wrote an article about Jaden in EGL and how his parents are handling his style. In a recent interview with BBC Radio’s 1xtra show, Will Smith discussed his role in the film Concussion, the controversy surrounding the Oscars, and what really sparked everyone’s attention – his thoughts on parenting Jaden and Willow Smith. He jokes that he and his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith “might have gone too far.

But seriously, if you are a parent, this is really something worth reading. (Click on the link)



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