Rainbow Hair Trend: Would You Wear Candy-Colored Locks?

Photo credit: Instagram/ @amythemermaidx
Photo credit: Instagram/ @amythemermaidx

Bright hair and pastel hues are what’s hot right now. No color is off limits i.e navy, green, pink and any color imaginable. Just take a look at Kylie Jenner‘s bold Valentine’s Day statement — a baby-pink wig. And Naomi Campbell’s pink hair, which stood out on the cover of the Portuguese edition of Vogue magazine in January.

But now, a new style tops the list of bold beauty trends. The roots remain darker and the hair gradually lightens as it goes down the hair shaft, and the ends are transformed into creative colors. Many celebrities took to the rainbow hair trend.

Photo credit: Photo Credit: Instagram/@kmichellemusic
Photo credit: Photo Credit: Instagram/@kmichellemusic

Recently, R&B singer K. Michelle was featured in Hype Hair for her flair for fashion and trend-setting, especially with her hair. Apparently, her Instagram photos have always shown her hottest styles – this week it was rainbow hair. Originally, rainbow bangs was the idea, but K. Michelle went all the way to full candy-colored locks.

Photo Credit: Instagram/@arrogant_tae123
Photo Credit: Instagram/@arrogant_tae123

@Arrogant_Tae123’s is the diva responsible for hooking K.Michelle’s hair up. Her colors, however, are richer as K. Michelle’s mane has more pastel colors. The Atlanta-based stylist, according to Hype Hair, is known for slaying in the salon. She is also responsible for styling one of the rainbow wigs K. Michelle had been flaunting on her Instagram. Check it out if you’re ready to go bold — if you’re brave enough!

Ladies, would you rock rainbow hair?




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