Are You A Shopaholic? The Effects Of Compulsive Spending

Picture originally posted on EGL

On one’s list of priorities, keeping finances in order falls roughly within the top 5 and over-spending…well…is likely to set your goals back a couple of notches. There’s nothing wrong with caving into the impulse to buy that new bag and matching shoes, but when an impulse turns into compulsive spending, and you’re no longer in control, that’s when the complications tie in.

Most importantly, it certainly doesn’t benefit your emotional health. In a society based on materialism and superficial beauty the likelihood of over-spending is higher. In an attempt to keep up with the joneses, over spending is a way to stay current on the new looks that break your pockets. According to a recent article in Delux Managazine, “women comprise the large majority of those with a shopping addiction, but middle class men between the ages of 20-55 who live in large cities also fall prey.

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