7 Excuses Women Give For Men Who Are Just Not So Into Them

Photo credit: Butthatsnoneofmybusiness.com, 2015
Photo credit: Butthatsnoneofmybusiness.com, 2015

Many books and movies have long been a source in helping single women answer that age old question — is he into me? They range from Steve Harvey books to impractical romance films that are probably produced by someone who is clearly out-of-touch with the dating game. One problem is, not enough dating material is written from a single young woman’s perspective who actually takes her spiritual wellness into consideration — although, no one’s perfect.

In an episode of the Breakfast Club morning show, Angela Yee mentioned a particular issue that keeps women single. Some of them always make excuses for their potential love interests when things aren’t adding up, remaining that single friend out of the bunch. Why? Because they put up with way too much. So if you find yourself pulling a rabbit out of a hat for a certain gentleman and making more excuses than he is making moves, girl, he may just not be that into you.

1.) He’s not ready for a relationship. Everyone isn’t always completely sure in the beginning. That’s normal. In fact, it’s wise to weigh your options. But deciphering whether he’s not ready or just avoiding a relationship with you is the question, and the last thing to do is pressure him. That’s a super turn off. If you notice signs of several women friends, shady or inconsistent behavior; and it begins to feel like a reality dating game show competition with the amount of women you’ve encountered, he’s not the one. A wise woman once said, a bad boy makes for fun, not for a hubby!

 2.) He just got out of a relationship. While it is true that most men and women need time to heal after a relationship, they can merely be using the excuse just to look for a fling. Avoid dating these types of people. Their confusion shouldn’t mean your pain. Generally, those relationships almost never lead to a happy ending, especially, if he doesn’t want to consider dating you. Besides, being a rebound is not fun!

 3.) He needs time. If a man has his eyes on you, he’s not going to let you out of his sight for very long. And if he doesn’t want you, all the space on God’s green earth won’t be enough to make him commit. If that’s the case, you know what time it is!

 4.) He’s playing games. Games make the beginning stages of a relationship fun, fresh and interesting. For instance, you may be disappointed that he hasn’t called, then, he calls at the last-minute. He’ll act unemotional or temporarily unavailable. But if at the end of the day, he never comes around to show you he cares, please stop waiting by the phone.

5.) He is always busy at work or with his boys. Work always serves a valid reason to ignore texts and phone calls. It’s everyone’s favorite line. But if hours and even days go by before you get a single text, neither work nor time with his boys is the distraction. Unless he’s a doctor or in a demanding profession that requires strenuous hours, he’s just not that into you. People make time for the people who are worth it. Otherwise, you will be among the things to do on his free time.

6.) He’s just going through something. If your guy is going through something, be there for him if they need it. Also, give the person space if it’s warranted. However, this may sound insensitive, but don’t wait too long if you’re feeling uncomfortable about it. The words “I am just going through too much right now” has been the phrase allowing folks to avoid relationships since forever. Definitely, a red flag!

 7.) Maybe he didn’t like what I said, did or how I acted etc. Many women make the mistake of blaming themselves for the reason a guy doesn’t want them. Or they use it to define themselves. If a person isn’t interested in you, there’s nothing you can do to change that. So if you begin to question yourself or change who you are for someone, they aren’t the one for you. The right person will love you for who you are!



Are there anymore excuses women use when a man is just not into them?

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