2016 Prom Dresses That Have Gone Viral: Talented Teens Show Their Creative Side


The days of wearing simple prom dresses are long gone. Welcome to a new era of extravagant, creative and high-profile prom dresses — and now they can go viral! Well, a few high school girls broke the internet with their custom-made designs. They didn’t have to spend a bunch of money for their ideas to be impressive. Check out the prom dresses that everyone can’t stop talking about.

1.) Last year, the dress that pop diva Beyoncé wore to the Met Gala caught everyone’s attention – a sheer Givenchy gown with hand-sewn crystals. St. Louis student India Ross is having the same reaction with her Beyoncé-inspired dress, and she didn’t miss a beat with her look.


2.) Two words describe this next dress and that is…a masterpiece. This young woman who goes by MK wore a dress created by Cleveland-based designer DeAndre’ Crenshaw. Afrocentric designs have been trendy among black girls this year! Originally, the style had been worn by Orange, NJ native Kyemah McEntyre, 18, who was bullied for it but she left her mark so that other girls can be prideful representing their heritage. You ladies better work!


3.) Our hearts went out to Pottsgrove high student, Tayja Jones, 17. Her picture was attacked  with vicious comments left on her page after she posted a picture of herself on social media. Feeling excited about her prom, she woke up to check her page only to see that she went viral for a reason that a high school student should never have to experience. It left her heartbroken. Thankfully, the was showered with nice comments afterward. Maybe others will learn how damaging internet bullying can be.


4.) Art and fashion is his niche! “Coming to America Dress” by me, said this young lady in the picture’s date. Instead of coming up with an elaborate “promposal” to wow his date, he actually made her a dress. This high school student and 18-year-old designer, Jimelle Levon, from Columbus Ohio, made his date look fabulous by designing this dress inspired by Vanessa Bell Calloway’s gold sequined gown in the 1988 film “Coming to America.” All the publicity he’s getting will be great for his career. “I have never taken any classes or been taught how to sew. I am a self taught artist,” Levon writes on his website. “I feel as if since God blessed me with the talent I have at such a young age I should use it to help others.” Slay!


5.) This one dress wasn’t recent, but it is a classic. Erinne Paisley stitched together her math homework and wrote on top, “I’ve received my education, not every woman has that right.” The dress sold for $700 to benefit the Malala Fund, which raises money for women’s education.

Erinne Paisley made a grad dress out of her high school math assignments, to raise money for the Malala Fund. Credit: Erinne Paisley
We look forward to seeing what the students come up with next year. Happy prom season!


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