Kehlani Speaks Out About Depression and Suicide In A Moving Speech

kehlani-1-1024x576It’s been said that there is pain in laughter, which could explain R&B songstress Kehlani’s comedic and giddy personality. Some of her humor, however, draws from a gloomy place. She has a message for people who suffer from mental illness and depression similar to her own situation.

If you have a friend and they’re scaring you a little, just love them,” she said in a video while motivating a cheering crowd. Hug them and love them up and tell them that it’s good. And from me to you, you are worth it. You are perfect. You need to be here every single day that you are meant to be here. Get up every day and know that and tell you that.”

The delivery is her first appearance since attempting suicide back in March, which landed her in the hospital. A runoff of negative comments and slut shaming on social media sent the singer into depression. She received criticism after boyfriend PARTYNEXTDOOR posted an image of her in his bed. Many assumed that she was still in a relationship with NBA star Kyrie Irving who has since wished her well, but noted that they had broken up prior to the photo’s release. Continue reading.

Written By: Taylor Bennett


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