Emptying Out The Negative

Photo credit: Butthatsnoneofmybusiness.com, 2015
Photo credit: Butthatsnoneofmybusiness.com, 2015

Day two of my 7 day fast to becoming more focused on my goals through prayer has been challenging. Limiting social media is one of my goals. However, living in a time when social media has become a main source of communication, overindulging is tempting — especially when you have things to do. One social media second can easily be one work hour in your mind, and then boom, you’re distracted.

But distractions come in many forms. This morning, as I was looking for a podcast to listen to, I came across an episode called Emptying Out The Negative by Joel Osteen, which made me think. Distractions come in the form of guilt, resentment, worry and doubt – guilt from a loss, guilt from a break up, guilt from failure. Holding on to the guilt leaves no room for peace, joy and prosperity.

We try to disguise the guilt with temporary things i.e alcohol, sex, partying, looking for love in all the wrong places, but afterward the guilt resurfaces and distraction once again takes place. It keeps you from being productive and away from where God wants you to be.

“They hurt you once, don’t let them continue to hurt you by holding on to a grudge,” said Osteen. “It’s not harming them, it’s harming you. It’s taking up the space you need for the good things that move you toward your destiny.”

Whatever your motivation is to keep you grounded, be it Joel Osteen, exercise, music, writing, find it and build peace from it. Constant motivation is necessary, and it’s the key to keep going.



Day 2:

I thank you God for healing me, for restoring me and for giving me peace so that I may fill my life with good things and focus on being who you called me to be.

Notes: Today, I stayed focused on my writing goals, and I spent time volunteering for my son’s football team fundraiser. I felt a little distracted but prayed about it. Ultimately, I was satisfied with the outcome. Tomorrow, I would like to do some running.



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