Walking The Thin Line

Photo credit: sofeminine.com

As a health and wellness and entertainment writer together, covering certain topics can be completely contrasting — health and wellness usually covers spiritual growth while some entertainment stories may not always be conducive for spiritual growth and heath wellness.

In the past, I believe with some stories that I covered in entertainment, the Holy Spirit started to convict me. I don’t mean condemn me. There’s a difference. There is no condemnation in Christ!

I began to feel bad for some of the racy topics that I was covering knowing that writing about them can potentially be harmful for someone else. I know I’m not the only one who feels like this. I’m sure there are many Christians working in entertainment who are faced with these convictions everyday.

But living a healthy life doesn’t have to be lame and boring. In fact, I love entertainment. I love music. However, I know I have to be mindful of what I put into my spirit.

If you watch “Underground” then you will be happy about my last topic in EGL. “Under the Dome’s”Aisha Hinds was chosen to play the role of Harriet Tubman for Season 2.

Check out the article below.

Aisha Hinds to Play Harriet Tubman For “Underground” Season 2


It’s not easy walking a straight and narrow path when there are so many interesting things that you enjoy that seem harmless. I pray everyday that I find new interests or control the negative things that I put in my spirit.

It can seem harmless at first, but anything that is absorbed into your spirit will take root, grow and will manifest itself when you’re at your weakest.

But never forget to live life, be happy and enjoy yourself. Change doesn’t come over night. I hope you enjoy my post!

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