S.O.R Boss Women Inc.: New Jersey Women’s Networking Group Looks to Empower Up-and-Coming Entrepreneurs, Artists and Talents

Since I began this blog in 2012, I have branched off into other genres such as Entertainment and Health and Wellness writing, but my vision for this blog has remained the same — that is to help and empower women. She’s Our Rock was created to provide resources and promote health/wellness and growth for women.  But lately, I have turned my ideas on paper into reality through my Women’s Networking Group, S.O.R Boss Women Inc.

S.O.R Boss Women Inc. is a group for up-and-coming artist, entrepreneurs and professionals to network, seek advice and support from other professionals.

S.O.R Boss Women Inc. helps women connect, share best practices and advice, build business opportunities and promote their product. It’s purpose is to promote positivity, growth and offer a supportive and uplifting environment for women who are looking to network with other women who are driven to success.

What the Organization Has Done:

Bowl For Breast Cancer

In 2015, we threw a “Bowl for Breast Cancer” event for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Families were able to  bowl for breast cancer at the Woodbridge Bowling Center in Woodbridge, NJ. Everything that was spend at Woodbridge Bowling Center, 15 % of the funds went go to Breastcancer.org.

The 7-Day Goal Challenge

This challenge was made to motivate women to push themselves to the next level. For the challenge, everyone chose one short-term goal to work on. Every morning, I would post the flyer above along with an encouraging message. At  night, I would post the words “Goal Progress” and each person would comment what steps they took toward their initial goal. Women posted gym pictures, pictures of their budgets and started new initiatives. It’s amazing what a little encouragement and support can do to help push others in the right direction.

Budget and Resource Guide by Andrea’ Conover

The group discovers and utilizes talents and pushes women to go after their dreams. One of our members, Andrea Conover, a CPA, volunteered to write a Budget and Finance manual and presented it in the group today. The guide included free resources, tips, books and etc. as a information guide on how to become financially savvy. Here is the free budget guide Budgeting-and-Finance-Resource-Guide3 .

Interview with Public Speaker Curtis Bracy

On Saturday January 20th, I will be conducting a live interview with Curtis Bracy to discuss the topic of why men don’t like to commit. Bracy’s purpose is to empower women and reveal the raw truth about love, dating and self-esteem for women who are interested in getting married and one day finding love. Curtis Bracy is a well-known pastor from the city of Newark, NJ and works as a Drug Abuse counselor.

Live Entrepreneurship and the Journey 

Shaunte Johnson is a business woman and member of S.O.R Boss Women Inc. who is looking to grow and expand her business. She found the opportunity to network, express her thoughts about the industry and gain support within S.O.R Boss Women Inc . She will be presenting a live video in the group on Sunday Jan. 21s to discuss the struggles of becoming a “Lady Boss.”

Contact S.O.R if you have an initiative that would benefit from our services i.e charity events, women empowerment events, volunteer work and ect. Join us!!!




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