Boss Woman Amber Dickson Hicks: She’s got the Juice.

Today, I got the chance to meet an awesome business woman named Amber Dickson Hicks — fitness guru and owner of B Fit -N- B Focused. Amber meal preps and makes the best natural juices you would ever want to taste. Today, I bought a few juices  at her store viewing in Union, NJ. One was a Beat juice, and the other one was kale, spinach lemonade. When I tell you these drinks have a signature taste, please believe me. My son actually wanted to drink them.

In an interview today, Amber showed me around her new store, adorned with pink, black and white — pink for cancer awareness. She lost her mom to cancer and a picture of her mom hangs on the wall in her front hallway. Her mom is her inspiration behind her passion.

Amber began selling juices at local gyms and from her home, “I started out writing juice names on bottles from my home,” she said in a recent interview. Amber says that everyone starts from somewhere, but if you are consistent and don’t give up, you can make it. She tells other business woman to be true to yourself, believe in yourself and keep believing in your dreams. View the interview below.

Amber has a juice in every flavor and a menu of health food on her wall. Needless to say, I will be returning to Amber’s store. Especially, now that I am on my weight-loss journey. I took a picture of my drink on the way home.

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