S.O.R Fashion Friday: Dionne Boldin Is Fashionable In Addition To Her Many Crafts. Check Out What Else She Does.



I fell in love with this fashionista because she’s down to earth and real.

Meet Dionne @boldinbeautiful, wife to an NFL star and mother to two amazing boys.

Her passion is blogging about and wearing her own self-created fashions, among a plethora of other things i.e motherhood, helping others find their dreams and inspiring others.

Her styles are made up outfits that she created, which are “representing her style and season of life.” According to her lifestyle blog, http://www.boldinbeautiful, she’s always been fascinated with fashion and dressing up since she was a young girl. “As an athlete’s wife, life can be hectic but like many sportsman’s wives, we make this lifestyle our norm and run it like a well-oiled machine,” she says.

She also posts delicious recipes that she makes, but her true desire is being a fashion blogger.
She says about her craft, “It will not be perfectly styled, but it will be authentic, honest, and filled with things I truly love.” #SORFashionFridays #FashionFridays #FashionPost


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