8 Inspirational and Fun Books Written by Female Entrepreneurs and Powerhouses in the Industry

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In our society, women earn the majority of degrees and are increasingly bringing home the bacon – and frying it, with 40% of American households having female breadwinners. – Boss Bride

If you love a few good reads, you are in the right place! Below are some of the hottest book choices written by thriving authors, entrepreneurs and powerhouses in the industry. We cherish the lessons they teach. Here are the masterpieces that critics are raving about!



As if Michelle Obama hasn’t already left a lasting impression as the most fierce, graceful and intelligent first lady ever, she continues to blow our minds! Her new memoir, Becoming, has topped Amazon’s best-seller list, easily making the bestselling book of 2018 and New York Times No. 1 best-seller in just two months. Michelle’s memoir, which debuted in November, is a book of lessons as well as a story of the life as Michelle LaVaughn Robinson and how she became Michelle Obama in every aspect.  Black Enterprise reported that it is “thought-provoking, inspiring, has refreshing humor, and in some parts, is outright heart-wrenching.”



“I am fearless, fun, fly, fabulous. Welcome to my world.” – Arian Simone. Author Arian Simone is an entrepreneur with an empowering story to tell about her rocky transition from living in her car when, she was laid off, to building a thriving PR and Marketing Firm and making several great industry relationships. How does a blessing like that occur? Find out through her book. Simone offers a 21-day devotional journey for female entrepreneurs and writes about a relationship with God as her central theme. She applies spiritual principles to provide direction in life and in business to help entrepreneurs with their daily struggles.



Boss Bride

Boss Bride, known as “The Powerful Woman’s Playbook for Love and Success,” is just that. ESSENCE Senior Editor Charreah K. Jackson released her book, which is the result of interviewing more than 150 professional women for their insight  on personal and professional growth.   Boss Bride talks about making romantic, family and career decisions — which all tie in together — and how women can avoid a collision. Critics are calling it a juicy and honest read. This is a book for business minds alike in a generation of growing opportunities for women – around 40 % of women in America are the breadwinners in the household.  According to the author, “this book is a bridge to create a love life and career that fulfills you.”



Poet X

This book is for the poets, the creative minds and the artists!  The Afro-Dominican award-winning slam poet Elizabeth Acevedo’s book debuted in March of 2018 and has continued to be a No.1 best-seller on Amazon.  Poet X is a story of a passionate young Harlem girl, Xiomara Batista, who finds her voice in slam poetry. She uses slam to speak out in her community, but her poems are unheard as the Harlem streets only recognize her curves.

She expresses her frustrations,  in her private leather notebook, about her view of the streets while living in a religious household with a church-going mother.  Suddenly, a school slam poetry club, catches her eye and the thoughts of performing her poems over-power her.

The New York Times Book Review says the poems in Acevedo’s narrative poetry book are powerful, “The force and intensity behind her words practically pushes them off the page, resulting in a verse novel that is felt as much as it is heard. This is a book from the heart, and for the heart.”



Well Read Black Girl

We’ve been hearing amazing things about Glory Edim’s book since its debut in October. Many have praised the Well Read Black Girl, a compilation of essays  from writers, including some of her favorites Toni Morrison to Gloria Naylor, on how they fell in love with  written word. It started out with her passion for reading and she started a book club, which she later transition into her own book.



Taking the Arrow Out of the Heart

Alice Walker releases another phenomenon. The Author of the National Book Award and Pulitzer Prize-winning book The Color Purple, offers a book of nearly 70 powerful poems with a variety of life-lessons. The iconic Walker chronicles triumphant and troubled times exploring themes everywhere from self-exploration  or the “simple beauty of baking frittatas” to more complex themes like “liberating world of activism, love, hope and, above all, gratitude.” Walker continues to offer her divine works and romance readers with her words.



An American Marriage

Not only does former President Barack Obama praise Tayari Jones’ book but it is also recommended on Oprah’s book lists. In the book, Newlyweds Celestial, who is an artist, and young executive Roy, live the American Dream. But in a turn of events, the couple is ripped apart. Roy is arrested and sentenced to twelve years for a crime Celestial knows he didn’t commit. Celestial finds herself finding comfort in a childhood friend and best man at their wedding while Roy is in prison. After five years, Roy’s conviction is overturned and he comes home with his marriage in mind. An American Marriage is being names a “masterpiece of storytelling.”


The Wedding Date

This novel, by Author Jasmine Guillory, is a fun, imaginative read about Alexa Monroe who agrees to go with Drew Nichols (a random man with whom she gets stuck on an elevator with) to a wedding.  The book has gotten great reviews. The author, who is a Bay Area native and Standford Law School grad, released The Wedding Date January 2018. Guillory has a new release, The Proposal, and The Wedding Party set to be released in 2019.

If you have another amazing book to add, please tell us about it!

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