“Bald Girls Do It Better” Movement Encourages Women to Love Themselves and Embrace Their Natural Beauty

Photo Credit: @baldgirlsdoitbetter

“A bald girl is strong and prideful, graceful and beautiful. Hair doesn’t define you.” – Bald Girls Do it Better

In a movement, Bald Girls Do it Better, bald women from all over – some who can’t grow hair and other’s who prefer to be bald – celebrate their beauty and proudly flaunt their bald hair. Founder Neyda Hernandez created the movement, based in Atlanta, Georgia, as a way to encourage women to love and embrace their authentic selves no matter the situation and to show that hair is just an accessory in a recent phone interview.

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Hernandez reported that she came up with the idea for the movement one day when she decided to cut her hair. She sat in the chair for hours on the fence about the idea for fear of feeling ugly or for fear of feeling rejected – imagine how women feel who don’t have the ability to grow hair at all!

Hernandez created the page — also a networking group/meet and greet — loaded with bald beauties. The movement conveys a message that all women can develop the confidence to embrace themselves as they are, according to Hernandez. They discuss daily topics for ironing out self-esteem issues and addressing stereotypes associated with wearing your hair bald as a woman. A few group members expressed their frustration under one post:

“Trying to get my boyfriend to understand why I prefer being bald (alopecia).”


“Folks being intimidated. I’m a nice lady, really 🤷🏾‍♀️ or when guys backhanded compliment you & say “Your hair cold, but I’d never let my girl/wife cut her hair.” Thanks sir! 🤦🏾‍♀️”


“Just because my hair is cut doesn’t make me a lesbian.”

All of the ladies uniquely give off loving vibes and an attitude of self-acceptance! On the Bald Girls Do It Better Instagram page, many women contribute photos of themselves in all shapes, sizes and conditions to celebrate their natural born features.

One beautiful curvy beauty sported her bald cut while wearing a shirt labeled, “I’m just a bad chick with a bald head living life.”

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Any cons of being blonde ?

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Scrolling the page, you can find style and hair care advice that offers the the latest color fads to dye your hair accompanied with recommended hair products to use after bleaching your hair. Who knew that “applying coconut oil through your hair & scalp prior to bleaching” would do less damage to your hair?

Here is another awesome blonde look. All eyes on this gorgeous baldy!

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@jasminabanks 🦋

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@Jasminebanks rocks her fabulous bold style!

The women’s networking group has a meet and greet in Atlanta where its members meet up in different locations to have fun but most importantly spread a message of self-love!

Hernandez says the movement is growing and there will be a blog and Youtube channel coming soon!

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