Student Loan Strategist and Financial Coach Mary Wheeler Paid off 27K in Student Loan Debt in 96 Days and Tells Her Story in an Interview

Mary Wheeler, Texas native, has an amazing story to share! Today, she is a student loan strategist that helps individuals pay off student debt! But you have to listen to her personal story.
Like most of us, after college, she was stuck with student loan debt and became fed up with it. She managed to pay Sallie Mae back $27K. With student loan debt, she also paid off $3K in credit card debt/401K loans over the course of 96 days.
She often speaks of her struggle growing up in the projects and not having a clue about finances. But she educated herself on student loans and financial debt and is able to share her story.
Today, her mission is to coach individuals in similar situations and set themselves up for financial freedom via one on one coaching sessions and her podcast show Know Debt, No Problem.

She targets urban Americans who she feels can benefit from her story and hopes to educate students about how to better prepare for college.

Check out the interview.


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