For Gospel Lovers: New Gospel Artist Jermaine Dolly – You

Just as hip-hop music evolves, so does gospel music which now includes various interpretations i.e r&b, hip-hop, soul, classic and etc. to appeal to a broader audience. Here’s a little treat for all the gospel heads. Southwest Philadelphia native Jermain Dolly is a new face in Gospel who is topping the charts with his new song You. He exhibits his comical and free-spirited style over … Continue reading For Gospel Lovers: New Gospel Artist Jermaine Dolly – You

Forbidden Fruit

It starts with a steamy attraction Its call is thunderous Lustful thoughts Take over your mind Yearning for a taste Admiration for its charm Temptation breaks loose The looks of it glitters like gold Weakness prevails Indulgence Sourness on your tongue Anguish Shame Powerless Regret Guilt Bitterness Spiritual death Repentance gives life Thankful that he died To give me another chance Grace is given Taylor … Continue reading Forbidden Fruit

Spoken Words You Need To Hear

They say when you are happy, you enjoy the lyrics to music and poetry. But to me, when you’re soul-searching, you feel them. Lately, I’ve been listening to inspirational artists and reading inspirational writing hoping to gain some insight on my spiritual growth and writing career. One powerful woman caught my attention–MissTerious Janette…ikz. I’ve never witnessed God’s word being delivered with such creativity, realism and strength; … Continue reading Spoken Words You Need To Hear