Interview With Public Speaker Curtis Bracy: Why Men Don’t Want to Commit.

I’ve planned this interview with Curtis Bracy for weeks, and somehow, everything seemed to fall apart at the last minute. Usually, that would discourage me, but that’s how I know I’m growing! When things fall apart, that means they are actually falling into place. Now that I pushed through, I am so glad that I did. Curtis has a positive message for the women; I believe it … Continue reading Interview With Public Speaker Curtis Bracy: Why Men Don’t Want to Commit.

Happy New Year: Here are 10 Things We Need to Leave in 2017

Today is New Years Eve, 2017! And, “Oh my God,” I will be 35 next month. This has got to be the year, in my boss’ words, “that I get off my tricycle and get on my motorcycle.” Some things have got to stop in your 30s, starting 2018. Don’t worry! This isn’t a “new year, new me” post or a “new year’s resolution” post. I won’t … Continue reading Happy New Year: Here are 10 Things We Need to Leave in 2017

Bible Facts: Does Christianity Support Slavery?

This morning, I woke up to a text in my phone (the picture below) about Christians supporting slavery. My boyfriend sent it to me after he saw a post on Facebook that said Christians support slavery because it says so in the Bible. Lately, my boyfriend has been questioning the faith because so many people are against it and try their hardest to disprove it. Being … Continue reading Bible Facts: Does Christianity Support Slavery?

What Unbreakable Faith Looks Like

As women, we are full of desires i.e the perfect family, job, man, hair or even shoes — well maybe not that superficial. But when your heart is set on unfulfilled desires, it can bring on a feeling of hopelessness. Those feelings arrive, especially, when you need helpful advice, and everyone offers the most cliché’ phrases ever…”just keep the faith,” “know that it will get greater later,” etc, etc. I’m … Continue reading What Unbreakable Faith Looks Like

Walking The Thin Line

As a health and wellness and entertainment writer together, covering certain topics can be completely contrasting — health and wellness usually covers spiritual growth while some entertainment stories may not always be conducive for spiritual growth and heath wellness. In the past, I believe with some stories that I covered in entertainment, the Holy Spirit started to convict me. I don’t mean condemn me. There’s a difference. There is … Continue reading Walking The Thin Line

Love Yourself Or Nobody Will

I’m sure you all know where this title came from, “Love yourself or nobody will.” But the underlining message holds true in any situation. Self-love is universal, no matter what religion, race or size. If you’re not happy within, you will need external confirmation with your plans, decisions and etc. Success start with you believing in your own plans. It starts with having your own visions and … Continue reading Love Yourself Or Nobody Will

Standing On His Promises

So many Christians pray, go to church, go through the motions and are still unfulfilled. They feel miserable on the inside and become reclusive. Mostly, because some of them aren’t meditating on the word of God. Trust me, I know first hand how boring reading the Bible can be — every time you attempt to read it, somehow, everything else seems more important. You get sleepy. Your ex calls! … Continue reading Standing On His Promises

Be Brave Be Bold And Shine

They say that writing everyday will improve your writing skills. Correction, writing everyday will fry your brain. The word for it is writer’s block. Supposedly, every writer gets it. It’s when your prose has turned to mush and every sentence that you type looks like you’ve never owned a pen before in your life. That’s how I feel on day five of my 7 day fast. But I want to … Continue reading Be Brave Be Bold And Shine