Success Occurs When Your Dreams Become Bigger Than Your Excuses

ProfileExcuses111Since the day that I was laid off from my job as an Employment Specialist of 7 years, I’ve had time to become more visual about my future i.e my finances, my weight-loss and writing goals. Some of the helpful advice from an older family member included attending a financial boot-camp and a separate blogging course.

Similar to many people, I can be a “rational dreamer.” We get into the mindset of setting goals with limited risks and become overwhelmed at the bigger picture. It begins to feel like attempting to build a car when all you have is a box of  car parts in front of you. But as a quick motivational tip, when God has given you a dream, he’s fully equipped you with the parts to be all that he’s called you to be. But success only occurs when your dreams becomes bigger than your excuses and when you get fed up of getting the same results. I saw a funny meme that said, “It’s all fun and games until your jeans don’t fit anymore.” Exactly, so what am I going to do about it? Here’s what I;ve come up with.

First you need a vision.Having a vision is the first step. If you can envision it, then you’re on the right track. Become passionate and treat your vision with care — remember, you will be your biggest motivator and your biggest supporter so don’t lose sight. Write your vision on paper or on a chalkboard in your kitchen and make it your focal point daily. Once you train your brain to see yourself thinner, smarter, in a new job, in a higher position, you’ll start to subconsciously take actions toward reaching those goals.

Organize an action plan. Decide when you will have time to execute your plan. Prepare, prepare, prepare! Do you have the funds needed? If expenses are an issue, research inexpensive ways to achieve your goals i.e if you’re trying to lose weight and can’t afford to go to the gym, take advantage of a free 30 minute work out on Demand. Remember, no excuses! You will run into roadblocks that you have to maneuver over and aroundThe plan is to find a way by any mean necessary.

Set immediate goals.The old saying goes, how do you eat an elephant? You do it one bite at a time. That’s how you will approach your goals, step by step. Write a plan and execute it daily. The process of goal setting is like arranging points in your game plan until you reach a desired goal. From millionaires, to successful athletes, to stars; they will all tell you that they had an action plan and remained committed to it. The best way to overwhelm yourself is to create impossible goals that will exhaust you. Small attainable goals are easier to stick to. Be patient. As you go on, you can set bigger goals. For example, an immediate goal of mine is to set aside $5.00 a pay period for my savings, and to pay $5.00 to each debtor for an average of no more than $35 a pay period. Every bit counts!

Create a goal map.Once you’ve created immediate goals, then you need a customized road-map to define your results. Reward yourself for each goal you meet. Being able to see the long-term plan every step of the way will keep you focused and prepared for what lies ahead of you.  Remember, there will be setbacks and even distractions, but that doesn’t mean it’s over. Sometimes a setback is just a setup for a more powerful comeback. Nothing worth having comes easy.